Bear Lake Catering Services

We now offer catering for our Bear Lake guests. Catering and meal plans are provided by the Bear Trapper restaurant, next door to the Bear Family Haven cabins. You can choose from multiple catering options below. Meals can be delivered directly to your cabin, or you can eat at the restaurant. See the menu. Please contact Bret England (435-946-8484) for pricing information.

Plan Description Location
Three Meals per Day This plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dinner will be buffet style with a meal theme. Guests will be able to choose one theme. E.g. BBQ, Seafood , Chicken, Roast Beef, Mexican, Chinese. Delivered to Cabin
Two Meals per Day This Plan includes breakfast or lunch, and dinner (same as above). Delivered to Cabin
Pay-as-You-Go This plan permits guests to save up to $8 per person off published menu prices (approx. $9 – $20 ). This plan is similar to the meals mentioned above. A small dessert may be included if the reservation is made in advance.

Bear Trapper is open for breakfast from 7 – 10am, Monday thru Saturday. Menu prices ($4 to $6).

At Restaurant


  • Lunch and dinner meals come with an entree, salad, potato, vegetable, bread butter/jam. Dinner also includes dessert.
  • Lunch items are simple and can even be a build your own sandwich bar.
  • Food will be delivered to the cabin in disposable aluminum containers .
  • Drinks are not included (except for breakfast which includes orange or apple juice).
  • For the restaurant plan, beverages are included.
  • Only available for guests of Bear Family Haven.
  • 15 people minimum.