Bear Lake Restaurants

Below is a partial list of restaurants that are close to the Bear Family Haven vacation rental cabins. All restaurants are located in Garden City. As a point of reference, the Bear Trapper Steak House and Bear Lake Pizza are immediately next door to the south of Bear Family Haven.

We now offering catering services for guests staying at Bear Family Haven.

Bear Trapper Steak House

216 S Bear Lake Blvd
(435) 946-8484

Bear Lake Pizza

240 S Bear Lake Blvd
(435) 946-3600


28 N Bear Lake Blvd
(435) 946-2875

Merlin’s Drive In

149 N Bear Lake Blvd
(435) 946-8499

La Beau’s Drive Inn

69 N Bear Lake Blvd
(435) 946-8821

Hometown Drive In

105 N Bear Lake Blvd
(435) 946-2727

Bodeans Bear Lake BBQ & More

82 N Bear Lake Blvd
(435) 946-8278

Bear Lake Motor Lodge Restaurant

50 S Bear Lake Blvd
(435) 946-2874

Lakeside Pizza

70 W Logan Rd
(435) 946-2870

Pickleville Western Cook Out

2049 S Bear Lake Blvd
(435) 946-2918

Note: Bear Family Haven is not affiliated with any of the above listed restaurants.